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Company History

Established in Japan in 1991, Goodlife Sciences has become one of Japan's premier companies in the field of fermentation science, enzyme nutritional health products, and beauty products with over 900 employees worldwide, and over 300 partnership companies and clinics. Our annual sales turn-over has been increasing rapidly in the past 20 years and we currently serve over 100,000 customers in Japan, America, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Goodlife Sciences owns and operates every aspect of making our own products. Quality control starts not only with our facilities, but also with our Japanese, organically grown, edible herb, vegetable, and fruit farms. The company has spent over 25 million dollars on organic farm development, research, and fermentation sciences. Our medical team is comprised of over 20 professional experts that include some of the leading medical professors and scientists in Japan, such as Professor Yuka Itokawa and Dr. Yeunhwa Gui from Suzuka University of Medical Science.

More to know:

  • Goodlife Japan started in 1991 with over 1,000,000 dollars as starting capital
  • 95,000 square feet facilities in Japan, New Zealand, and China
  • Patents in Enzyme, fermentation Process, #4521477, #3373471
  • Over 58 organic farms and overall farming areas of 2000 acres
  • Internet Global Platform for worldwide distribution
  • Scientific team of 20 professional experts
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