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60 grams (240 Tablets)

Inner Lift

Fermented For 1 Year


We would like to introduce to you our latest product called Inner Lift. When we create our products we always try to produce a health or beauty product that has more than one function. As an example, Bio Power 88 is a pure nutritional product for daily consumption. But in the power packed bottle we also have amino acids, live active enzymes, and probiotics. This replaces several other products that you would need to purchase to give you the same functions. That is our concept to give you a powerful health product that has multiple benefits. In the creation of Inner Lift we also give you a great beauty product (Collagen) with Multi-Power functions for beauty, joint pain and other related issues.


In simple form I will explain what collagen is. Collagen is a substance (protein-it makes up a quarter of all protein in the body) that is naturally produced by the body. Collagen supports all tissues and cells of the body including skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles, tendons, etc. Together with keratin and elastin it makes your skin smooth, tight, and glowing. It plays a major part in bone and joint health. It also strengthens blood vessels and cartilages.


Simply, collagen is what gives our body strength and elasticity. Of course as we age or deal with daily stress of life, collagen levels are reduced. As a result we can experience facial wrinkles, brittle hair or grey hair, finger nails become brittle, thinning skin, poor eyesight, joint inflammation, and other aging issues. There are many collagen products on the market place. However, our products are fermented, which breaks down the molecular structure to tiny particles which make it is easy to absorb. Our Collagen is not heated which is also another advantage.


Collagen, after digestion, needs to have enzymes to break down the collagen into amino acids which our bodies will rebuild to collagen again. Again we provide those needed enzymes in the product by combining both concentrated Aloe Vera powder and the ingredients of Bio Power 88. They will enforce the product with live active enzymes making the process much easier for your bodies to create Collagen.


Collagen cannot be absorbed through the skin it needs to be digested, and have adequate enzymes to be effective. In selecting our collagen we have gone to great extremes to find the highest quality collagen from Switzerland and New Zealand. Besides the high quality of collagen there is also natured (natural) chondroitin and glucosamine as well.


Research and testimonial have witnessed any people who suffer from joint inflammation, arthritis, osteoporosis, and other issues have wonderful healing results. As a special ingredient we have also enclosed DNA from Salmon Milt to strengthen your DNA. It is now known the people who have weakened DNA are in high risk to strokes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, and other related disease. This of course is a beauty product loaded with many health benefits. I encourage all to try this great product.

Daily usages : Children - 4 tablets , Adults - 8 to 12 tablets , Large frame adults - 12 tablets ,
Other health issues - 12 tablets
Best if taken first in the morning. Can be mixed with food or after meals.

Nutrition: (per 100 grams) Energy 266Kcal, Protein 67g, Fat 0.1g, Carbohydrates 0.23g, Sodium 0.14mg
DNA 8,000mg, RNA 9,000mg, Collagen (Fish) 70,000mg, Shark Chondroitin 10,000mg

Ingredients: Collagen peptide (Fish), Salmon Milt Extract, Shark Fin Extract, Shark Cartilage Extract, Beer Yeast, Aloe Vera Powder, Enzyme.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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