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Welcome, I am Zachary Guterman founder of Goodlife. With my intention to help society, I stumbled across something that would change my life forever.

Inspiring Experience in Japan

In fall of 1990 I took a trip to a 4,000 meters tall Mountain Fuji. There are many trails that would take you to the top. I chose one that was moderately difficult but you could stop at many places to rest and see the views.

As I was closer to the top the air became thinner and it was hard to breath. Also, it was a cool day and that made it comfortable but still a hard hike. I thought I was doing really well and also I was in good shape. Well, as I was closing in on the top I heard some noises behind me. Suddenly 4 people passed me with such a brisk pace. When I reached the final destination, those 4 people, were already undressed and celebrating their victory hike. I was in complete awe!

By their appearance they were on the average close to 90 years of age. It was at that point that I became enlightened. How was it that these elderly people were so much healthier and energetic than others?

Uncover the secrets of Longest Life Span

I had read that Japanese had the world record for longest life span. That was what intrigued me to study herbal medicine in Japan. This fact was reported by World Health Organization (WHO).

My research consisted of 3 parts

  1. Visit and find out what the people of Japan were eating or taking.
  2. Visit the centenarians (people over 100 years of age) and ask them why they felt they were alive longer than others.
  3. Make a true health product based on all my research.

The first place I visited was the Island of Okinawa. Okinawa holds the record for the most centenarians based on population. What I found would change my thinking about the health industry forever. These people all were eating un-ripened (green) fruits like green papaya, pineapple, aloe and fermented vegetables. Later, I understood that these foods are actually full of digestive enzymes and nutrition.

As I visited more and more villages around Japan I found another common factor amongst these Genki (super healthy) elderly. They all ate aged fermented foods. This is not like the sugar coated pudding or yogurt you find in the store. But actual naturally aged, fermented foods. Well bingo, that explained to me that the quality of the ingredients were the crucial elements for great health. I have spent the last two decades perfecting my knowledge and providing health to hundreds and thousands of people.

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