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Live Active Enzymes

What is Enzyme ?

A protein (or protein-based molecule) that speeds up a chemical reaction in a living organism. An enzyme acts as catalyst for specific chemical reactions, converting a specific set of reactants (called substrates) into specific products. Without enzymes, life as we know it would not exist.

Goodlife Products are full of Live and Active enzymes. Goodlife Sciences has developed through fermentation science, a Proprietary Live Active Enzyme formula based on the fermentation of only Real Organically Grown Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruits in Japan. Guaranteeing the best absorption and delivery of vital nutrients to every cell in your body.

Our Fermentation Sciences does not use heat and retains all the live active enzymes, amino acids, phytonutrients, and beneficial bacteria. Please see the Handmade Process listed in this web site. Most vitamin and mineral supplements on the market today are processed using heat and chemicals, therefore, are completely void of enzymes and are not absorbed well or not at all. When your body's enzyme levels are deficient, health issues arise, allergies may occur, immune function weakens and sense of overall weakness takes over.

Other functions of Enzymes

How long we live is completely dependent on the amount of metabolic enzymes that we have stored, and when that bank is empty, we die! Researchers have found that for every ten years of life our bodies produce 13% less enzymes.

Without plenty of live and active enzymes, your digestive system cannot extract enough nutrients from it. Instead, your body depletes its own enzyme reserve to break down the food. In addition, some of the food rots in your intestines and toxins are released into your blood stream. So without enough live active enzymes your body is left deteriorating.

Taken every day, over time, our products will help replace the digestive enzymes that are being lost as a result of eating dead food or poor supplements. When you take our products with each meal to support digestion, the additional super-charged food nutrients are simultaneously supplying building blocks to your organs and diverted to your digestive system and glands.


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